Skin Supremes - BEAR Mini & UFO Mini 2 Set

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Product Details

Microcurrent toning & glow boosting full facial for an immediatly lifted & radiant face

Save big as you exercise the 65+ muscles of the face & neck for an immediately visible BEAR™ mini facelifting, enhanced by a complimentary conductive youth-preserving Serum. The targeted microcurrent facial toning device instantly tightens, firms, and contours while the patented Anti-Shock System™ ensures the safest treatments ever. Expand your rejuvenation routine with the supercharged UFO™ mini 2 full-facial device, paired with an illuminating Glow Addict UFO-activated mask essence to instantly restore that healthy natural luster & lasting timeless radiance.

The UFO™ mini 2 nourishing full facial boasts tech fusions that allow for activation of the Hyper-Infusion effect, pushing actives deeper into the skin for max effect. BEAR™ mini microcurrent spheres deliver a non-invasive face-sculpting current while the patented Anti-Shock System™ measures unique skin resistance 100/sec, immediately adapting the treatment intensity in 0.02 secs.

BEAR™ mini
• Immediately visible non-surgical facelift
• Tones the muscle to tighten, firm, and contour the face
• App-guided, easy & effective facial routines
• T-Sonic™ pulsations enhance microcirculation & skincare absorption
• Gentle massage boosts radiance while stimulating collagen & elastin

UFO™ mini 2
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles in 7 days
• Boosts skin moisture levels by 126% for up to 6 Hrs
• 8 LED light colours rejuvenate & refine the skin
• Hyper-infusion enhances mask actives absorption
• 5 x faster warming to soften & prime
• Soothing T-Sonic™ massage enhances microcirculation
• Safe & effective for all skin types

BEAR™ mini
• 3 microcurrent intensities
• Ergonomic & lightweight design
• Rechargeable, up to 90 uses/ USB charge
• Must be used with a conductive serum
• 2-Year Limited Warranty
• 100% waterproof
• App-connected. App available for iOS and Android

UFO™ mini 2
• Full-spectrum LED therapy, warming & T-Sonic™ massage
• USB rechargeable, up to 40 uses/charge
• 2-Year Limited Warranty
• 100% waterproof
• App-connected. App available for iOS and Android

• BEAR™ mini Pearl Pink
• UFO™ mini 2 Pearl Pink
• Serum Serum Serum 30ml
• Glow Addict x1 box
• USB Charging Cable
• Travel Pouch
• Basic Manual & Quick Start Guide

• Download the FOREO app, activate Bluetooth & sync BEAR™ mini
• Cleanse face with an oil-free cleanser & apply FOREO’s conductive serum
• Select a routine and microcurrent intensity via the app or manually
• Glide BEAR™ mini over face until it turns off
• Pair the UFO™ mini 2 facial spa device with FOREO app
• Attach Glow Addict Mask to device
• Start a pre-programmed treatment (or customize) & glide UFO™ mini 2 across face in circular motions until it turns off
• Dispose of the mask & rinse UFO™ mini 2 under running water
• Enjoy living in your skin

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