Y-Rack Dish Drainer - White/Green

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Product Details

With draining space at a premium in most kitchens, Y-Rack maximises whatÕs available by utilising the vertical area above your drainer. Its 2-tier design combines a sturdy base for draining pots and pans or cups and bowls, with a traditional-style rack above for draining up to 15 plates. The large self-draining utensil pot that clips onto the side means you can drain everything for 4 full place settings in a very small space. The base features sloping ribs to allow water to drain freely, a fixed draining spout for emptying into the sink and non-slip feet. The whole unit dismantles for easy cleaning.Hand wash only. Assembly instructions included.

1.Large capacity drainer with small footprint
2.Drains up to 4 place settings
3.Large self-draining utensil pot. Base has integrated draining spout
4.Sloping ribs allow water to drain freely and air to circulate
5.Dismantles for easy cleaning

Care & Use:Hand wash only. Caution: Large/heavy items should only be placed on the lower tier.

Material:Base: Polypropylene Cutlery Pot: Polypropylene Clip: Polypropylene Non-slip feet: Silicone Wire Rack: Plated Steel
Packaged Weight (kg):1.2
Warranty:1 year