Gorecycle 46-Litre Recycling Collector & Caddy Set - Blue

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WeÕre all conscious of the need to recycle more, but the extra effort to separate, compact and store waste ready for collection can be a hassle and often creates more mess and clutter. ThatÕs why we created GoRecycle, a range of inventive products specifically designed to make home recycling quicker and easier. Take control of your recycling with this smart, modular 2-piece set. Firstly, it includes a 14-litre recycling caddy thatÕs designed to make pre-sorting, storing and carrying recycling extra easy. It features two compartments for separating waste with lids that convert into a handle, making it very easy to transfer the recycling to a larger bin kerbside or elsewhere. The two compartments can then be emptied independently by simply folding both lids to each side in turn, which traps the waste in one side as you empty the other. Secondly, it includes a large 32-litre recycling collector with a clip-on lid featuring one-way flaps that help trap items inside as they are pushed in, allowing you fit more in without it popping back out again. Particularly suitable for a mix of plastic, card and paper waste, you can fit up to twice as much crushable waste inside, as a similar-sized bin. If used with a plastic liner, the deep rim of the lid helps hide any unsightly bag overhang and also makes it very easy to carry. To empty, simply unclip the lid to tip into a communal bin or to remove a full plastic liner. Ideal for storing in a cupboard or utility room, both items stack neatly together giving you a large amount of recycling volume in a very compact space. Capacity: 46-litre (12.1 US Gallons).

1.Large recycling capacity in a compact footprint
2.Caddy features dual compartments for easy separation and lids that create convenient carry handle. Easy to empty each side independently and ideal for glass, paper, metal and plastic.
3.Collector features one-way lid flaps that trap items inside helping you fit more in. Holds up to twice as much crushable waste as a similar-sized bin.
4.Deep lid rim hides messy liner overhang
5.Ideal for mixed crushable recycling such as plastic, paper and drinks cans

Care & Use:Wash by hand with hot, soapy water. To help remove unpleasant odours, a solution of baking powder and water may also be used. Collector: For maximum capacity, use with mixed crushable waste such as plastic, paper and tin. Caution: Take care when pushing waste inside as some objects may be sharp. Not suitable for use with glass.

Material:Polypropylene 100.0%
Packaged Weight (kg):3.45
Warranty:1 year