ISSA Mini 3 - Wild Strawberry

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Product Details

Recharge your smile with ISSA mini™3, the innovative sonic toothbrush that cleans teeth, gums, tongue & cheeks and is perfect for those who prefer a smaller brush head.
The hybrid brush head lasts up to 6 months, featuring a combination of 10,000x more hygienic than nylon silicone bristles to gently massage gums & sturdier PBT polymer bristles to effectively break down plaque and tartar buildup. Powered by Sonic Pulse technology that lasts up to a whopping 265 days on one USB charge, ISSA™ mini 3 also features the new Anti-Slip grip and built-in timer, indicating when you should move to another quadrant of the mouth.
Add some fun to your brushing routine with Smile Helpers, ensuring you brush for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes, and letting you know when you haven’t brushed for over 12 hours - building long-lasting & intuitive oral-hygiene habits.
• Complete 360° clean - tough on plaque & gentle on gums, cheeks, and tongue
• Clinically proven to improve overall oral hygiene by 140%
• Removes 30% more plaque than a manual toothbrush
• Prevents gum recession & damage to tooth enamel
• Ideal for treating periodontal conditions like gingivitis
• Smile helpers promote better oral hygiene habits
• Hybrid brush head combining PBT Polymer bristles & 10,000x more hygienic than nylon soft silicone bristles
• Made completely out of medical-grade, bacteria-resistant, non-porous silicone, free of BPA & phthalates
• Extreme battery life with up to 265 days of brushing per USB charge
• Smile heplers Glee & Glum indicate when you haven’t brushed in over 12 hours
• Anti-Slip Grip - ultra-comfortable handling for an even smoother brushing experience
• Up to 9,000 high-intensity Sonic pulsations per minute create microswipes to break down plaque

Built-in timer - indicates when to move to a new quadrant of the mouth
• Brush head lasts for up to 6 months

• Package includes ISSA ™ mini 3, USB Charging Cable, ISSA ™ mini 3 Manual
• 2-year warranty

Apply your regular toothpaste and turn on ISSA™ mini 3 by pressing the power button.
Brush your teeth for 2 minutes, the same way as you would with a manual toothbrush.
Rinse your mouth and rinse ISSA™ mini 3 with water.
Use the ISSA™ mini 3 Tongue & Cheek Cleaner on the back of the brush to finish your oral care routine.

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